Monday, July 5, 2010

Etsy Shop Critique - Coolcorc

Critique of CoolCorC's Etsy Shop:

I love your shop and the idea. I like environmentally-friendly handmade shops.

First reaction: when I see your items, I get excited thinking about how the natural brown "corc" is like a canvas. I would find ways to customize your products to make them "mine." The journal is especially inviting.

It's also nice when I see that people use their shops and tie them in with community/local business. that's a venture that i would like to get into, but the cultural/arts scene here pretty much doesn't go beyond the war monuments and civil war statues that pop up around town.

you have a respectable business, and I like the fact that you have the informative website on your announcement to give more insight into your biz's purpose and motivation.

The only suggestion I have (which earns you two WTF points) is that you choose a different avatar picture. To someone who doesn't know what it is or what to expect, seeing that picture looks like a prison tattoo on a man's arm... which also made the banner (which is nice, by the way) slightly ironic that the last image frame has the word "beautiful" immediately under it. The item itself is beautiful, but it's not easy to see what it is in that picture.

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