Friday, July 16, 2010

Some WTF!? Moments Still Shock Even Me...

This shop was brought to my attention from the ever-growing WTF!? thread on Etsy's critique forum. I just had to bring this to the light.

For instance, if you'll take a look at this very unique doll to the left, you probably will experience a similar reaction. And yes, it is exactly what you're thinking it is, a reborn lizard alien demon doll (as stated in the title).
According to HeavenLeigh, the creator:
Meet Abe! What IS Abe? A chameleon? An alien? A fish hybrid? A lizard demon? Who knows. But he's weird and creepy and cute as heck.
Dude, she even gave this little guy a name! Abe isn't the only shocker in the group, though. HeavenLeigh's shop elicits an emotional response much like a visit to the local Humane Society shelter, where you see how sad and pitiful the little mangled animals are and end up taking home an animal with only three legs and looking fresh off the set of an episode of South Park. But, somehow, he is cute.

And then there's the advice you wish you had taken from your mother:

Depleted uranium is not listed in the materials for this item:

And she even has seasonal holiday decor! How festive!

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