Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTF!? Christmas in July

Vicky of FreshUrbanVintage received a made-for-her bag [ literally ] of goodies from Feltie of FeltontheFly.

Vicky says:
I received a lovely package with a wonderful bag hand-stitched and beaded from Feltonthefly. I love it- it has a ribbon closure and will be perfect for safely holding my earrings and bracelets when I'm on the run (I'm known for throwing my accouterments in my bottomless pit of a bag on my way out the door so I can finish "dressing" at work, then finding things broken or tangled up with paper clips and smelling like old lifesavers). I could tell that this bag was made for me, made with kindness, and filled with good karma. Thanks Felt!

Kelli from KelliGBarnettDesigns received this bundle of goodies from BethMac of Bookworm Bookmarks.

Kelli says:
I recieved an assortment of bookmarks. Beth was kind enough to include one for my little girl and one for my son, and they both love them! Thanks so much for the oh-so-fun swap!

FeltOnTheFly was elated with her very special gift from HennessyHandbags:
I was over the moon happy and excited when I got a real live Hennessy Handbag all of my very own (thanks for the hook up). Here are some pics of the bag and the card she made.

Beth from Bookworm Bookmarks was very happy with her gifts from Kelli of KelliGBarnettDesigns. This is what Beth had to say:
I received a beautiful painting of a butterfly on upcycled barn wood and cannot wait to put it on my wall! She also sent me the most gorgeous necklace. I love its simple elegance! Great choices for me. Can we please do this again for Christmas!? : )
I think that having a Christmas swap sounds like a great idea! Maybe WTF!? can do a post-Christmas swap, when the gift-giving of the holiday season is over and everyone is experiencing the post-rush slump when business goes from crazy busy to nil.


Here is what HennesseyHandbags got from CreativityIsMessy. Hennessey says:
I received my secret santa in the mail the other day and in it were two really well designed business cards with the items attached. There were two bobby pins each with a purple stripped button attached to it and the other card came with a ring to match. They were both lovely, and the ring fit perfectly with an adjustable band. You can see how nicely they match my fingernail polish!!! Her card says that her shop name is Creativity Is Messy. It didn't look too messy to me! Thanks a bunch!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that it came with a cute little Christmas tag wishing me a Merry Christmas in July.

10eisha received a very generous package from ImpandPetal, and this is what she had to say:
I received my goody box of a secret Santa package from ImpAndPetal. It included a bunch of tea, which is awesome because i am a huge tea drinker, a wonderful smelling candle, a beautiful set of handmade earrings and a bracelet, a handmade scarf, and last but not least a handful of synthetic dreadlocks which I have always wanted for my pig tails! I have to admit that both of my cats and my Chihuahua have completely fallen in love with the dreads and have been spending their time stealing the from each other and chewing on them...sorry ImpAndPetal!


This badass necklace was mailed from SilvinePhotography to the lovely ImpAndPetal. It's reversible!


This lovely necklace-and-earring combo comes from Sarah at ArmillataDesigns to Rachel of TheYellowHobbit. Damn... I knew I should have given everyone *my* address in the buddy exchange.


Etsy is having its annual Christmas in July event, in which shopkeepers have the option to offer special sales throughout the second half of July.

Here at WTF, we're commemorating this event by starting our own tradition, WTF!? in July. If you opt to participate, then you will privately be contacted by me (WTF Terra) with the name, address, and shopkeeper Etsy link of another participant. You will have two weeks to choose a gift from your wares and send it to your participant. Once you have received your gift, you can come back to this page to share with us what you received (or send pictures!) and from who you received the gift. This is a great way to A. ) get something in the mail without making a purchase, B.) advertise your wares when your recipient shares what you sent, C.) have a little fun while connecting with other shopkeepers.

Deadline to enter: Friday, July 30

Here's how to participate:

1. Fill out the form below. You must include your first and last name, full address, and shop URL or your entry will not be valid.
2. Wait until the entry deadline to be contacted via Etsy convo with the name, address, details (optional part of form below) and URL of your "WTF!? Buddy."
3. Browse his or her shop, profile, and details and choose a gift/gift package from your wares (vintage, supplies, or handmade) or make a new gift to mail to your "Buddy." Do not contact him or her until you have allowed a reasonable amount of time for your package to arrive. You will have no longer than two weeks to choose/make your gift and mail it. Make sure you include a business card or personal note with your Etsy shop name and URL with your gift.
4. Receive a gift in the mail from your WTF buddy.
5. Come back to WTF Etsy and tell who sent you a gift and what you received. (pictures and stories will be posted permanently to WTF!? Etsy)

Suggestions, Disclaimers, and Guidelines:

1. Your address and personal information will only be shared with your WTF!? Secret Santa Buddy.

2. I, WTF!? Terra, am not in any way responsible for the actions or gifts from shopkeepers. If you don't like or don't receive a gift from your Buddy, then WTF!? will not compensate you for your displeasure. I will, however, contact your secret Buddy at your request if you haven't received your package within 2-3 weeks of the deadline.

3. This is WTF!? Etsy, and it is safe to assume that anyone who participates in this contest has a sense of humor. Your gift can be-- but does not have to be-- funny.

4. In the form below, the "details" section could help me to match you with a reasonable recipient and could help your Buddy choose something relevant for you. You could say things like, "I love vintage items," "I am a parent of a 2 year old girl," "I would love a gift for my grandmother," "I am a chain-smoking alcoholic," "I love anything music related," or "I don't wear jewelry." If you want to ask your Buddy a question so you can personalize a gift, then send your query to me through WTFSupplies via Etsy convo, and I will contact them on your behalf.

5. There is no legal responsibility attached to this exchange; however, don't be an ass. If you agree to participate, then send a gift. It does not have to be expensive or elaborate, but make it thoughtful. You also are not legally obligated to respond once you receive your gift in the mail, but it would be cruel to not allow your "Buddy" the opportunity to be advertised on this site.

6. This is WTF!? Etsy. Your gift can be funny or a gag gift, but it can not be disgusting, unsanitary, cruel, or offensive.

7. It is entirely up to you what you choose to send. There is no upper or lower limit on the monetary value of your items, and we all understand that "it's the though that counts."

8. Your gift must be physical. If you do digital work (like photography or graphic design), then mail a physical print of your item.


10. By filling out the form below, you are agreeing to receive a gift, send a gift, and then come back to tell who your buddy is and what they sent.


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  2. this is a great idea! I wish I knew of it!

  3. has no one received anything yet? I sent mine a while back. Just wondering where everyone is? Hello!