Monday, May 24, 2010

Etsy Buyer: Vocexseta -- Etsy's Greatest Buyer

I've been wanting to make this post for a long time, but the universe wasn't ready to let me until after the finale of Lost. [ R.I.P. Sayid ] So now, the planets have aligned, and I can introduce to you one of the coolest buyers on Etsy. Having a profile like the one I have on Etsy often gets me some "unique" correspondence, but none as unique as this customized artwork I received as a reaction to my profile page. This was a very thoughtful gift from Etsy's self-proclaimed greatest buyer, Vocexseta. Her epic profile made her a shoe-in candidate for the WTF empire's hall of fame:

An 18 year old with money to spend and an addiction to Etsy. D=

(Nope there is no store here! Just the greatest buyer you will ever come across! *GLORY* =D......../ego)

Uses Paypal only and pays immediately unless details need to be sorted out with seller. I'll do my best to review my purchase fairly and thoroughly. I understand how important it is to your shop and how important it can be to potential buyers. You may even get an appreciation picture! =O (I don't know why others don't play with that more often.) Although, I am a bit busy and do order a lot so if my review seems a little late I apologize. I will always leave something! If I've bought from you then I thank you for making awesome unique stuff. (Also, I will undoubtedly stalk your store from now on.)

Oh and if there is a delay in transaction for any reason just let me know so I don't have to be paranoid that my Paypal account has finally said EFF THIS and walked off. D=

I cannot believe how much better it is to buy from individuals who love their craft than stores and corporations. I support you all as much as I can! :D

Much appreciation to the artists who make such wonderful things. =D Your creations overflow in my room. Really. >.>

Yes, I do use smileys too much. Oh well.

=O I just realized my User I.D. has 1337 in the middle!

Below is the inevitable interview:

ME: What makes you the greatest buyer on Etsy?

Vocexseta: The greatest buyer, you say? Well, seeing as I am behind on reviews (I have like 8 pages left to do! x_x) and have yet to come near finishing all of my appreciation photos I'll have to temporarily step down from such an honorable title. -_- But I'm not too modest to say I have been a good buyer on Etsy. To quickly and simply sum up why, I'd have to say because I want to make the seller happy as well.

ME: You're 18 and an e-stalker with lots of personality. What do you buy and what do you do with it?

Vocexseta: Geez, make it sound like I'm watching sellers with my e-binoculars in some e-bushes. xD I buy all sorts of things and parade around in them of course! Jewelry, paintings, amigurumi, facial products, soap, hair extensions, switch plate covers, crochet patterns, hair accessories, etc. Lately, it's been mostly jewelry supplies since I'll hopefully have my own shop soon. ^.^ I'm having a hard time deciding a name though...

ME: What the hell does LURVE mean?

Vocexseta: How does no one ever know? It's an obnoxiously sweet way of pronouncing LOVE. It's one of my favorite materials! ^.^

ME: Who are some of your favorite sellers on Etsy that you like to e-stalk?

Vocexseta: Good Lord, I'm not sure if you have the space for it. heh. Well, first off anyone I've ever bought from has a stalk stamp on them. I present this list in no particular order:

PixiEGlamouR and Pegasusmaiden- feather accessories
voraciousbrain- crazy awesome cross stitching
aikoslove and shawnaerback- paintings
Vivka and puppycatmeow- hair extensions
Nevertoomuchglitter- nail art
TheEverydayDivaCo- the BEST bath and body care
Believe me, I cut this list way down.

ME: Why do you shop on Etsy as opposed to going to a store? Is it the thrill of getting mail that drives you, or do you have a more lofty reason?

Vocexseta: Have you ever heard the Blues Clues mail time song? It well sums up how I feel about getting mail. It's like Christmas all of the time! I buy from Etsy mainly for two reasons: unique items and more personal interaction. I mean where else can I get SNES controller shaped soap or a cross stitch diagram of the clap? Also, because most sellers care greatly about each individual buyer the customer service is usually far better than corporation service. Often times, the product is better made as well. I have the opportunity to support the original creators and since I have this innate desire to encourage others as much as I can I thoroughly enjoy Etsy as a shameless venue for that. ^.^

ME: What does your username 'vocexseta' mean?

Vocexseta: It is the two Italian words "voce" and "seta" with the x serving as a space. It stems from a nickname I have with some friends from Italy meaning voice of silk. When first meeting me, I am a bit shy and soft spoken and they would tease me about it referring to me as voce di seta. They call me Seta now frequently, but I decided to use the whole phrase without di.

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  1. LOL, how does one get noticed on Etsy by amazing buyers like Vocexseta?! Jealous. : D

    Actually, very glad to hear there are some great people out there who appreciate crafting!! Thanks for sharing!