Thursday, May 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Critique - CrimsonPetalCouture

Critique of CrimsonPetalCouture's Etsy:

Because you have such an eclectic and panoptic repertoire of cultural influence, your shop should reflect that. Your profile and shop description sound more like the suburban girl with a subscription to Cosmopolitan than someone who is widely traveled and has first-hand experience with authentic cultural experiences.

You should capitalize on your background and use more esoteric language to describe your shop and items. Words like "perfect" and "lovely" could describe anything, but you can use more culturally-rich vocabulary with authenticity. When I saw that you were in Turkey, my opinion of your shop automatically went up. My Americanized need to experience something a little more genuine than Claire's or American Eagle automatically gravitates to international sellers.

Your item descriptions are great! Very thorough and detailed, with the esoteric vernacular I think would enrich your shop announcement and profile. This is an exemplarof what makes your item descriptions ideal:

"Tambour embroidery is a french style embroidery used by Haute Couture fashion designers. It is a slowly dieng art, and only 2 Universities in the world are working on keeping this artform alive."

Your items are beautiful and look expertly crafted. Your photos are exquisite and give a clear picture of your items from various angles.

Your banner could be updated. Generally, centered text on a banner doesn't look professional. Also, photos are hard to incorporate into banners, especially if you use more than one.

Your shop rates as a 1 on the WTF scale, which is probably good news to you. Nothing in your shop suggests any brand of mania or neuroticism.

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