Sunday, May 2, 2010

Most Epic Etsy Feedback EVER

I was just surfing Etsy, and I saw that damn "Carrie" necklace on the front page AGAIN. Somehow, the same sellers continue to be featured on Etsy's front page over and over again. I have seen the many colors of this seller's version of the "Carrie" necklace on Etsy for more than a year, when none of my items have ever made the front page on any of my stores.

So, I clicked the item to see how many sales she had, and then I started reading her feedback. I know it is Etsy-cliché to complain about the Etsy-cliques and who makes the front page, but being a fringe member with only my humble cult, I mean fans... validates my platitude.

Anyway, I noticed that her first few pages of feedback were probably more than 50% negative or neutral, which made me question the validity of Etsy's seller rating policies. I had to stop when I came across the most hilarious feedback ever from a buyer named Bacardistuff:

Well, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this mess so I’ll try to be as articulate as possible. I request a 22” b4 purchasing. I’m told it’s no problem as long as I type it on the order. I buy and write 22” on the order. I get 16”. I point this out via email and I’m ignored. Can you see where this is going? I eventually get a one-inch extender. I have zero idea what to do with it so I mailed THAT and the necklace back. I pay for postage, mind you! I’ve got the emails, mailing receipt and the original order. I can’t get my money back from paypal so I’m out one necklace and $20.50. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the seller obviously needed the $20.50 more than I did and I’m always happy to help those in need. In retrospect, it would have been a better idea if Erin’s dad had worn a condom. Now that I think about it, $20.50 can buy you a lot of condoms.

I wrote to this buyer to offer her an extender chain. I hope she accepts. I will keep you updated. It was the least I can do for the heroic feedback left by this courageous buyer who risked (and received) negative feedback in return from the seller. Way to fight the Man, Bacardistuff.


So, Bacardistuff allowed me to send her a silver chain, but she also bought a ring from my jewelry shop. I would be remiss if I didn't show this perplexing customer appreciation picture she sent me.
There was no message, no explanation... nothing. I don't know if this is her dog, or if this is a picture she found on the internet. I'm afraid to ask about it, because if it's her dog and I reply with "WTF" or "Someone actually put a pink bow on that dog?" then she could be really offended. I don't know if I want to shower, throw up, gouge out my eyes, or call PETA. What should I do?


  1. I have missed out of a lot in my life by not knowing you personally. Thanks for your straight-up sense of life and all it's stupidity.

  2. you are an idiot..nothing about that FB is funny and neither is the dog comment. That poor thing.

    And why would any one in their right mind wish that someone wasn't born..over a CHAIN?! Ass hats

  3. I think the little poodle -and I believe her name is Barcardi (light)-just has a couple of hot spots..she is otherwise well groomed and clipped as anyone can see..poor little thing!?!
    she looks well enough to me.
    Must know dogs to get it I guess :>)

  4. looks like my dog's Schnauzer bumps. not a big deal. and the feedback is hilarious. I would definitely wish death on someone for stealing over $20 from me, anonymous commenter above.

  5. I do have to comment on all the people bitching about how long it takes to get their order - she DOES say in her policies that shipping takes 15-20 days. That being said, there still is no excuse for the orders that take upwards of 2 months to arrive!