Thursday, May 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Critique - Firingitup

Shop Critique for FiringItUp:

You're off to a good start, but there are a lot of aspects of having a shop upon which you can build and improve. Don't get overwhelmed by the suggestions. These are just ideas.

First, your photos are indicative of your status as a n00b. Unfortunately, to make it on Etsy you can't just be great at your craft. You have to also be good at image-editing software and photography. Instead of taking your photos at an approximately 60 degree angle from above to below, try some different and interesting angles. Your photos are much better in your other shop. I have some photo tips for fellow broke and unprofessional photographers here.

Also, your banner earns you a WTF point. You don't have to be good at making banners to get a good banner on Etsy. I see people offering free help on the forums all the time, but you can get lots of starving artists to design you a beautiful banner for under ten bucks.

Your profile needs a little upping. You can do some witty wordplay with the high temperatures and glass. Handmade glass pendants are very cool, and most people don't have access to a kiln and wouldn't have a clue about how to cut glass. You should advertise yourself a little more. I like the fact that you added the personal bit about the 80s music. While a ghastly era for fashion, music, and pop culture, I still conjured the image of you with a sideways ponytail singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and choosing your color pallet from inspiration gleaned from a hair band's album cover. That gave you another WTF point. I still haven't written my "about me" for my blog, so I understand why you haven't gotten to the profile yet. << I would totally wear this pendant. It rocks.

Total WTF rating: 2

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