Thursday, May 20, 2010

Etsy Shop Critique - ToilandTrouble

Critique of ToilandTrouble's Etsy:

First, let me say that your model (don't know if that's you) is very pretty. Your photos are brilliant, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your profile. You gained some cool points with the martial arts instructor bit, and even more for your humble admission of not being ready to put your art "out there" yet. I thought you gave just enough of yourself in your profile to make you someone with whom I would like to do business because I identified with you and respected you. Congrats on the feature in the Boston Herald and thanks for offering vegan-friendly options.

I don't really have any suggestions for improvement other than you might want to change your line-up a little for the summer. I can't imagine that scarves and cowls get a lot of hits in the hot seasons, but the flower pin, bracelet, and other accessories would be much more marketable for June and July. I dig the flower pin. :-)

You had me at Shakespeare. One of my degrees is in literature.

You also receive a WTF Rating of 1 as you have taken no neurotic or pathological risks on your site.

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