Saturday, May 22, 2010

Etsy Shop Critiques - Sydney Alfano

Etsy shop critique for Sydney Alfano:

You have a pretty big range of items on your page. It's like a little haven for ADHD people like myself. While it may be overstimulating to some people, the constant change of pace, variety, out-of-the-world descriptions, and busy backgrounds kept me clicking around your shop so much that I actually added a few items to my cart. For your creative chaos, you get one WTF point.

You should rearrange your items to have the front page of your shop be a little more representative of what all you have to offer.

Your seed-beaded flowers are cute, but I don't know if they are worth the effort. I haven't ever seen adults wearing seed beads, and I don't know that they are worth the time and effort that goes into them. If you're selling them, though... don't listen to me.

Your descriptions are definitely WTF worthy. Here are some noteworthy quotes from your item descriptions:
~Orchids are icons of beauty, and of love. Attract your soul mate without even trying.
~Finished in the center with an Amethyst round, known to bring peace to whomever wears it.
~Colorful like a late summer field.
~Calla Lilies have proved to last with the changing of times and trends, and symbolize majestic beauty and purity.
~Oh the memories of walking into a Candy Shop, fascinated by all the sweet smells and mouth watering colors and shapes..

And then reality strikes, and no, I don't need that sweet, I'm on a diet, sugar keeps me up at night, whatever I need to tell myself to think of something else..

Satisfy your sweet tooth and your conscience with this adorable necklace, featuring fruity lampwork glass beads shaped just like our beloved memories.
A rainbow of glass sweets, these mouthwatering lampwork beauties will bring a smile to whoever wears it, and for all who admire it.

You are personifying and even anthropomorphizing your jewelry, which is cool in my book. According to Greek mythology, even Zeus couldn't override the power of the Fates, but your orchid can! I like your profile and descriptions. You have a relationship with nature and your craft, which is evident in your nomenclature. The poem in your profile is nifty. I give you two WTF points for assigning human characteristics and supernatural properties to your items.

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